Sandbox projects earnings and expenses reports flow

Given the emerging sandbox projects and the willingness of the community to sponsor some of these project’s costs, this post attempts to start the discussion about documenting the process of accounting of project spending:

  • SAFE wallet: Given the possibility of setting a code base process to payback the community a fee ( that is under discussion on this post : Sandbox fees and contributions back ) should the project wallet have any specific characteristics? I would suggest that the project sets up a SAFE as it main wallet , so as the project grows an d with the possibly the project governance change, there will be no need to migrate the project funds to another type of wallet.

  • Monthly Expense report: The project should provide the community a monthly report of
    its expenses and earnings containing the explanation of the cashflow and images of receipts.
    The report must be attached to the project forum post inside the “Governance - Sandbox accounting reports” ( to be created)

  • The reports will be checked by the community and further details can be asked for the project manager ( owner).

Please provide feedback on this workflow so we can settle in a process. Thanks

Thank you for starting this discussion.

Safe is sometimes required or favored in the grant distribution so this should be a go-to.
Nonetheless, for small amounts, it may cost a lot to set up a safe, especially on Ethereum network. I think one safe on the optimism network should be the minimum requirement.
Monthly expense report matched to safe transactions when possible.
I would add the monthly income report coming either from grants, ODC support or donations matched to transactions. This would allow us to fulfill the Sandbox fees - Contribution back from projects

Should this report be made 100% public?
I think ODC should keep track of these reports for example on a google drive.

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