Project Pipeline v2


There are two types of projects right now: Sandbox and Incubated. The first step on your project journey is request a Sandbox Project. The steps on your project journey are detailed below:

1. Member applies to be a Sandbox Project

ODC member requests to be a Sandbox team through the Discourse forum as a Sandbox Project Proposal


  1. Be an ODC member in good standing
  2. Have a great idea for a project that is aligned with the ODC mission and values
  3. Indication of intent and capabilities
  4. ODC Jedi reviews Sandbox application for minimum requirements

Propose to be a Sandbox Project here

2. Sandbox Project

Any individual or team that wants to self organize


  1. Sandbox Project maintains minimum Sandbox Project requirements


  1. ODC Sandbox repository to hold your code and documentation
  2. ODC Discord channel for communications
  3. Mentoring on agile software development practices, Github CICD, Github project management tools, and how to use Git with Github repositories. If the Sandbox Project opts to use other project management tooling, the mentoring options are best effort depending on the community experience and availability.
  4. Ability to build on top of the ODC community of open data
  5. Access to present and future collaborative projects and partners

Becoming a Incubated Project

We expect most Sandbox Projects can stay as important, but part-time work for an extended period of time. There are no time limits.
However, if a project more of a full-time effort, then probably being an Incubated Project is the right stage for you.

Sandbox Project sponsored as a Incubated Project

ODC member proposes Sandbox Project as a Project through the Discourse forum as a Incubated Project Proposal


  1. ODC member must sponsor the Incubated Project proposal
  2. ODC Jedi reviews Incubated Project application for minimum requirements and alignment with ODC mission, values
  3. Team elects a project lead and maintainers group
  4. Project is recommended to use the ODC tooling or project management tooling that is similar, e.g. Gitlab CI instead of Github Actions, Atlassian Jira instead of Github Issues. Ideally we would be able to integrate our community management tooling. Without that, the Sandbox Project could simply provide some reporting output for the ODC Jedi Knights to review as part of the Incubated Project Proposal.
  5. Project contributors must be ODC members
  6. Team provides regular updates to ODC Jedi and community
  7. Team practices basics of agile software development

Incubated Project

Project is ready for broad collaboration and adoption


  1. Project gains access to ODC business development mentoring
  2. Project is published in the project section of the ODC website
  3. Project repository is forked into the OpenDataforWeb3 GitHub organization. The original Sandbox Project repository is archived (read only)


  1. Product must maintain minimum project requirements and alignment with ODC mission, values