Legos Package Project

Related with other two proposals of project for the sandbox projects - #24 sybil dashboard and #23 grants reviewer , this proposals aims to structure the Legos Package project.
The ideal is that this package would work separably from the dashboard but this two would consume Lego directly from the package.
Building it separately permits that the Legos project evolves by it self, receives optimizations and proposals besides the other products and works in its own pace.
Developing the dashboards in a way it consumes the package permits that every new Legos added to the package are instantly available for the end user of these dashboards and letting the user choose each lego to use according to their particularities could open an infinite possibility of combinations inside the dashboards.
By developing the Lego package separately it can be a tool by itself for the technical users and be structured in a way of having its own team to develop, accept contributions, optimize, create and test new legos .
Separately from other projects the Lego package can even have modules for different types of fraud/verifications, here on our current context, modules to check sybil and grants, but in the future modules for ‘nft wash-tranding’ , ‘money laundry’ and so on…
This idea have been open for feedback and explained further on our main Miro board, on the sandbox section here:
Sandbox projects