People Pipelines! or how to become a Regen Ranger and an ODC Jedi

We’ve been having a number of conversations about how to document how to grow into leadership roles within the OpenData Community.

As you can see, we have crafted two paths:

  • Technical Leadership - become a Regen Ranger
  • DAO Leadershp - become an ODC Jedi

In each case the ingredients include:

  • useful activities
  • an OATH
  • a vote

And in return you get - a Soul Bound Token

  • we see these marks as similar to professional qualifications, hopefully with much less arbitrary gatekeeping

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New Member


  1. Access to tooling and infrastructure
  2. Learning by doing - analysis and community building
  3. Feedback from community via PRs, Discord, and other
  4. Potential access to professional service opportunities


  1. Follow ODC Discord policy & good vibes
  2. Introduce yourself
  3. Start to contribute however you’d like

Governance Track: ODC Jedi

Jedi - level 2


  1. All of the Requirements for Jedi - Pending - PLUS:
  2. voted upon by ODC Jedi
  3. agreement to the Oath


  1. SBT - class of 2023 ODC Jedi for that season
  2. Governance - full weight on votes
  3. Possible bounties for governance, outreach, engineering and other
  4. Discord designation

Jedi - level 1


  1. Nominated by a workgroup
  2. Actively contributing via outreach, governance, website, engineering or otherwise
  3. Contributions documented via Govern or other


  1. SBT - thank you SBT
  2. Intra workgroup designations

Technical Track: Regen Ranger

Regen Ranger - level 2


  1. All of the Requirements for Regen Ranger - Pending - PLUS:
  2. nomination & vote by existing RR or ODC Jedi
  3. agreement to the OATH


  1. SBT - class of 2023 Regen Ranger
  2. Governance - full weight on votes
  3. Possible bounties for analysis of projects, role as hackathon judge
  4. Discord designation

Regen Ranger - level 1


  1. Hackathon - has received a bounty
  2. Sandbox - has completed >1 PR to a Sandbox project
  3. Community - has written >1 FAQ or Blog


  1. SBT - receives a SBT for receiving a hackathon bounty
  2. Governance - asked to vote on technical & other matters
  3. Discord designation

When this is adopted, we add it and other accepted proposals as an addendum to the governance doc

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I suggest these changes the people pipeline.

Regen Ranger use this algorithm for calculating levels.

every 1 months, we run a report on all ODC contributors:
(comms Twitter 5 msg per month discord 20 msg per month discourse 10 msg per month) +
(github reviews 10 per month PRs 5 per month commits 5 per month) +
(hackathon submissions 1 entries per quarter mentoring 1 entries per quarter).

Ranger level 1 hit target values in comms and GitHub sections,
Ranger level 2 values in all 3 sections.

I think these activities lead to Regenerative projects which will keep the ODC OSS going.

Regen Ranger badge is held for 6 months.

The ODC Jedi act as the administrative staff until we have a governance committee or board of directors. Every 6 months, the ODC Jedi can vote on new members.

One possibility for naming of the 4 levels is that we could stick to the Star Wars theme:

Jedi Knight
Jedi Master


Thanks for the clear description
I am not in favor of level 1 level 2, I would prefer naming.
I agree with the benefits of each level.
I think Jedi levels should require a vote.
As you suggest each month we can run a council meeting to review the potential person that reaches the requirements of a new level according to the algorithm.
Regen roles are granted after a quick review and Jedis roles are voted upon. The process for voting could be 5 days in a forum post to inform and 5 days to vote (similar to gitcoin)
As the Jedi role could be reached quickly I suggest that we add a minimum number of months to maintain the requirements 2-2.5-3 months. this would reduce the amount of time to wait to grant the Jedi role to someone compared to the every 6 months vote.

Sarob you suggested an algorithm with minimum requirements in each channel. I would suggest a point mechanism.
Where we can grant a number of points for each type of action, using Govern or similar tools will help.

For example

  • Twitter retweet 10pt
  • Twitter comment 15 pt
  • discord message 1pt
  • discord emoji 0.5p
  • discord emoji on a written post 0.5/ emoji
  • response to a message 1pt
  • Mentioned in a discord message 1pt
  • GitHub review/comment 10 pt
  • GitHub PR 10pt
  • Hackathon submission winner of the bounty gets 100 points then proportional to the received value

I came up with these numbers and I’m sure they can be improved and thought more deeply about. The threshold for the number of points could be determined by backtesting.


@Poupou Love all of this. I will take a pass at writing this up shortly and let me know if I captured your recommendations.


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