Mirall0x funding request

Mirall0x project is under development for about two months. It has already reached the MVP phase and now is in the alpha phase where it is deployed and available for public usage. Here some useful links to follow project development:

Twitter with updates: https://twitter.com/stefi_says

Github: https://github.com/OpenDataforWeb3/Mirall0x
Project Roadmap: Miro | Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration

Within the development, costs have emerged and some of them are blockers. The application uses external APIs , till now only free versions of these APIs are being used but to scale and to integrate new information and features, like Twitter info, we need to pay for some of these tools.

For that Mirall0x requests financial support to pay for this operational costand speed up development. First month initial cost and bounts to be fulfilled would be:

  • U$100 to pay for the first Twitter API Tier ( access users information, like number of follower, number of tweets and other info) - Monthly
  • Buy domains ( ENS - DNS ) - U$70 -
  • Bounties to be created ASAP:
    • Connecting the twitter API to the project - data engineering task - U$150
    • Create project Visual identity ( logo, color scheme and so on) - U$100

There is an active effort to gather contributors to the project like joining hackathon ( Funding the commons and EthArgentina Buildathon) but yet the project has little volunteer contribution till now besides the founder of it. Because of these some key task or task where the skill is not found inside the team will be done through the offering of paid bounts.

I ask to the community to review, give feedback and them support the project on a monthly basis till the project receives funding from other source and be able to contribute back to the community using the soon to-be-decided Sandbox payback fee flow.

Thank you Stefi for pushing the Miralox project forward.

I’m in favor of the proposal. As the next Gitcoin grant round is arriving fast, I think we need to accept the proposal asap.
For the next month, I would like to see the expected deadline for each feature of the roadmap.