Welcome to the OpenData Community - the home of the Regen Rangers

The OpenData Community is an open-source community originally founded by Gitcoin as a part of its efforts to enable communities to fund their shared needs.

Our mission is to protect web3, focusing on:

  • Sybil resistance through data science and the development of useful algorithms and other approaches
  • More broadly - using data analysis and software to ferret out malicious behavior
  • Resisting recentralization and potential capture at the data layer

We believe in values such as:

  • openness - working in public and actively requesting input
  • candor - being direct and facts based
  • inclusive - making a particular effort to welcome and invite a breadth of perspectives
  • initiative - we are action-oriented and respect and appreciate those that take on responsibility

One of our projects is to collectively curate useful solutions that enable data analysts to find insights while remaining decentralized. Your feedback and input into the Landscape and all other materials we publish is hugely valuable - as are your stars on the repository and amplification on social media.