Website and Repository Licensing

We need set public licenses for both our documentation and code especially as we start new sandbox teams.

I suggest we start with so called permissive licensing of CC by SA About CC Licenses - Creative Commons for documentation (and website)
and Apache 2.0 Licenses for code. This gives us the option of establishing more restrictive use and implementation licensing such a LGPL for code licensing in the future.

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IMO it depends on the project and especially on the preferences of the project founders. IMO we should not yet set a blanket policy. For example, imagine Ethereum itself wanted to become a sandbox project → per your policy we would not be able to accept it, since it is GPL3. That’s also the situation w/ TrueBlocks, which of course is closer to home.

Many within Gitcoin that actually care about licenses for example see Apache as “more commercial” than GPLv3 because it does not force contributions back; for them us standardizing on Apache might send the signal that we intend Sandbox projects NOT to be completely useful projects that approach product status.

Anyway, I see there as being some downside of creating a screen based on license at least at this stage of the community - as we have discussed incidentally. And I see very little upside. For that reason I would like us to remain agnostic at least for the time being.

I am more setting the default for sandbox teams that do not have a preference. Right now each sandbox team would be have ownership rights so they can change the license default to their choice.

Let me know if this makes sense.

There may be some licensing standards we want or need to set in the future, but I think that will when there are more commerical partners involved in ODC operations.

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I agree with the selected licenses. I think it is helpful to be able to advise default recommended licenses to sandbox projects. We should be able to justify why we choose these licenses.
If we agree with CC by SA we should start applying it to our own resources in order to create and encourage positive credit when someone is using OpenData Community resources.

I think we should probably have an informal way of getting consensus pre-snapshot voting. Upvotes on discord I’m guessing here?

I feel like we are hitting the same subject multiple times now.

We should require that sandbox projects have a license. IMO we should not mandate which license, they can select from a list such as Apache or GPL-3 like Ethereum and TrueBlocks.

In any case, this is all moot until we succeed at our priorities and thereby progress toward viability.

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