Sandbox Team Proposal

This post will walk through a proposed format for making a Sandbox Team Proposal in the ODC

Key points to keep in mind include:

  • Title - Post each proposal with a clear title around its objective. This will look as follows: [Sandbox Team Proposal] - XXXXXX
  • Ordering - Please do not assign a number to your proposal. The ordering of the proposal will be assigned by community moderators.
  • Detail - While we encourage everyone to participate, please try to consider all viewpoints and provide a deep level or detail regarding the thoughts that went into a proposal.
  • Minimum Sandbox Team Requirements - It’s a good idea to have the data to back up that the minimum requirements are met

When you’re ready to submit a proposal, please follow this format to the best of your ability.

Sandbox Team Proposal Format:

  1. Summary - 2-3 sentences on what the Sandbox Team
  2. Your Great Idea - Expanded summary introducing the Sandbox Team, what it entails and details around what you will be working on.
  3. Motivation - Describe the motivation behind the work that the Sandbox Team represents, the problem(s) it solves and the value it adds to the open data community.

We generally have a 1-2 day turn around time to give you access to your new ODC Sandbox repository and ODC Discord channel. We are excited that you have chosen to work with the ODC and we look forward to getting to know your Sandbox team better!

For questions, comments or concerns on any of the above, please comment below or join the ODC Discord

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[Sandbox Team Proposal] - Grant Review Dashboard

Ordering -

Minimum requirements:

  • whos is proposing : @stefi , @baoki, @ZER8 , @Gray ( open to other members to join the team) - all ODS Jedis
  1. Summary -
    ODC Team recognizes and have been discussion the necessity of tools to help owners of distribution of public funds to manage and analyse their grantees applications for funds . Therefore ODC members have organized them selves to start this project. The project is open for contribution and accept other members

  2. Your Great Idea -
    The objective of the project is to develop a dashboard to help analyses of grants on public funds distribution rounds and avoid possible grants related with sybil behavior.

  3. Motivation -
    Topic of previous ODC hackathons and theme of discussions, the analyses of application for grants is crucial to do a far allocation of resources. We have been told that this activity today is performed manually by analyst and requires an considerable number of them. Therefore we aim to develop a tool to optimize it.


Congratulations your Sandbox Team has been created!

notes on sandbox teams operations

  • repository created with Apache 2.0 l, vsc gitignore, using the above dummy as the description
  • discord channel already created under sandbox-teams. Updated the channel title to match the proposal
  • added a link to the proposal in the repository README
  • added a link to the respository in the discord channel description
  • added main branch protection rule PR requires a reviewer

outstanding tbd

  • defaults for sandbox org like branch protection, labels, project, and wiki

[Sandbox Team Proposal] - POKT node

Likely members @sarob , @spacetristan , and others

  1. Summary - The Pocket Network is past and future ODC hackathon supporter. Hackathon participants have experienced some performance issues in the past. This sandbox team would first focused on solving the in hackathon use of the Pocket Network. Localization of an Ethereum node and using TrueBlocks for indexing Ethereum either within the same implementation as the Pocket node or close by will likely be required.
  2. Your Great Idea - After solving the immediate need for the Hackathons, this sandbox team can then focus on improving the supportability of Pocket Network nodes and perhaps their regional placement to improve latency performance to users.
  3. Motivation - The OpenData Community wants to support the decentralization efforts of the Web3 space and this work will further that cause.

Adding a note here on sandbox teams ops: need to include making the requester an admin of the sandbox repository.

Sandbox Team Proposal] - Lego registry

Likely members @stefi , @poupou , @epowell101

  1. Summary - We expect to be able to access the lego both from the website and from Github. Each lego should have a title and short description on the website. On Github, we could also include the name of the project referent and other status such as the ones you proposed. Possible to evolve to supporting container images on public Docker.
  2. Your Great Idea - We feel this could be a project that the community can own inside the Sandbox , the Lego project could be alive , with clear guidelines for who ever wants to build one of the ’ to be build legos" just build it , submit a PR and add it
  3. Motivation - The OpenData Community wants to support the decentralization efforts of the Web3 space and this work will further that cause.

Sure, right now we have a somewhat improving:

And hopefully the MarkPrompt integration could help us.

Some feedback we received from Kevin Owocki included:

  • status of usage?
  • recommended usage - tips

Feels like a vote up / vote down dynamic could be useful?

Congratulations your Sandbox Team Lego-Curation has been created!

Sandbox Team Proposal] - Sybil Dashboard

Likely members @stefi-says , @Poupou , @kikura

  1. Summary - “Sybil defense and grant reviewing procedures currently managed by humans to be broken down into discrete units, defined in code, documented and made accessible as composable building blocks. These are known as “Legos”. Lego bricks are simple building blocks that can be connected to each other in creative combinations to form all kinds of structures or even machines that are much more complex than their component parts. Similarly, modular, composable software tools can be used to build imaginative systems for defending against Sybils.” from Gitcoin forum, What does a Lego look like?
  2. Your Great Idea - There is a lot of opportunity for contributions from the extended Gitcoin community (importantly including the Gitcoin passort and Open Data Science communities)
  3. Motivation - The OpenData Community wants to support the decentralization efforts of the Web3 space and this work will further that cause.

Congratulations your Sandbox Team Sybil-Dashboard has been created!

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What if a project does not want to use the OpenData Community Github? This was the case for example within the CNCF - most projects didn’t put their code somehow into the CNCF. What they DID want was a) a listing as an official sandbox project - logos on our home page for example and b) a sub-channel in Slack or Discord in our case. I would be +1 for doing exactly that for any project that passes our basic bar - whether or not they want to use our Github

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I think not forcing an established project to move their repository to our GitHub opendataforweb3 organization can make sense. Like Trueblocks or Passport for example. Collaboration through a ln ODC discord channel is extremely useful.

For sandbox though, I think that space is for non-established projects to grow, develop, get mentoring on tooling and development, and attract contributors. We will be less effective mentoring otherwise.

[Sandbox Team Proposal] - Mirall0x App - Project Reviewer

Ordering - XX
Detail -

  • Github Repository - To be Created
  • for a preview of the MPV and project roadmap, check the video under “The Project” section.

Summary :
This is a proposal to create the Mirall0x App as a ODC Sandbox project. Mirall0x is a OpenSource app created by steffi , an ODC Jedi .

The Project :
Mirall0x is a desktop app to help humans analyze a group of projects.
The app aims to empower the analysis of projects applying for some kind of funding or grants by enhancing the access of non technical people to centralized metadata about the assets of these projects. The benefits of using it vary from more informed decision to celerity of analysis. For a preview and a MVP demonstration, check this video created for a stakeholder demonstration: Mirall0x MVP

Through observations and analysis of the current analysis flow of the most famous grants distributor platform on Web3 , was clear that a tool could be built to empower this process. Besides the current needs, with the advance of the Allo Protocol sooner, less technical and experienced organizations will host their own distribution of funds round and will be in need of tooling and guidance on how to analyze grantees. That’s the gap the Mirall0x app was born to fill.

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Woot! Sounds great. I can create this unless someone else is already ready to. Let me know!

Sean Roberts

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I’m also supportive as you know Steffi and impressed by progress to date.

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[Sandbox Team Proposal] - Sybil-Scorer: A Python Package for Sybil Analysis on Blockchain

Ordering - XX

Detail -

GitHub Repository - Sybil-Scorer GitHub Repo

Pypi - Sybil-scorer


Sybil-scorer is a comprehensive Python package designed to empower developers and Sybil slayers with tools for analyzing address behaviors on the blockchain. Initiated during the Data Builder Hackathon in January 2023, the package aims to provide reusable legos for Sybil analysis.


The blockchain ecosystem is rapidly evolving, and the challenge of ensuring data integrity and security comes with it. Sybil attacks pose a significant threat, and tools like Sybil-scorer are crucial for proactive detection and mitigation.

Additional Information:

  • Project on Gitcoin (Sybil-scorer)[Gitcoin | Explorer]
  • Prior Funding: $5255 (255 in contributions, $5000 from the grant matching fund during the beta-round, The Sybil Resistance - The Phantom Menace)
  • Team Size: 1
  • Project Age: 8 months

We are enthusiastic about the potential of Sybil-scorer and its contribution to the blockchain community. We invite feedback, collaboration, and support from the ODC community to further enhance and expand this project.