Sandbox proposals

I like moving to using discourse as for the ODC Jedi to review and debate over a couple of days which hackathon submissions to invite as sandbox teams.

  1. OminiAnalytics - Sybil Scorer
  2. Stefi/ Poupou Legos python Package combined
  3. Grant Reviwer
  4. kikura & mitch legos submission combined
  5. Kikura’s dashboard submission
  6. Umar’s dashboard submission

we configure our discourse very similar to using or to start and then snapshot in future


future proposals would fall into this category.

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From @stef-says

  • Let’s review and invite, this week ,the hackathon contestants to build on sandbox ( why not invite all of the ones that are already mentioned on @baokitty Gforms? They are only 5 )

  • Let’s continue the discussion around what we in think is remarkable on each project ( we already started dissecting hackathon submission on the miro board, actually we already made suggestion on combined projects on the first time we agree to vote), but deeping it and design a rought product (or multiple ones) that combines the strengths of projects that we think fits with what round operators need (or other possible future user) .
    We can start designing it with inputs from @epowell101, @zer8, @baokitty, and @ale.k that I know have direct contact with the subject, and schedule other analysts input sessions later. Then we ‘allocate’ hackathon project owners to work on these projects that are extensions of their existing hackathon submission as each one of them have their own specialty and can be complementary.

That is what makes sense in my mind, but obviously we move as the community fells is the right direction.

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on 14/03 meeting the community discussed about the path the sandbox was going. By the time, we were planning on vote on hackathon projects to be invited to join us. We got stuck on that discussion and other side of it emerged, we agreed that the value each project seperaly have was smaller then projects we ‘know’ could deliver value to real users, like Gitcoin and round operators.

We already have a list of these project and we need to detail its features . We will have inputs from Gitcoin members like @epowell101, @baokiddy and will invite other Gitcoiners to build and give feedback.
Other topic have been open to discuss about this initiatives: