Sandbox Project Proposal v2

This post will walk through a proposed format for making a Sandbox Project Proposal in the ODC

Key points to keep in mind include:

  • Title - Post each proposal with a clear title around its objective. This will look as follows: [Sandbox Project Proposal] - XXXXXX, e.g. [Sandbox Project Proposal] - My Big Idea Project!!
  • Ordering - Please do not assign a number to your proposal. The ordering of the proposal will be assigned by community moderators.
  • Detail - While we encourage everyone to participate, please try to consider all viewpoints and provide a deep level or detail regarding the thoughts that went into a proposal.
  • Minimum Sandbox Project Requirements - It’s a good idea to have the data to back up that the minimum requirements are met

When you’re ready to submit a proposal, please follow this format to the best of your ability. Use the Project Pipeline as a guide for how projects graduate from sandbox to incubated

Sandbox Project Proposal Format

Reply to this post and include the following:

  1. Summary - 2-3 sentences on what the Sandbox Project
  2. Your Great Idea - Expanded summary introducing the Sandbox Project, what it entails and details around what you will be working on.
  3. Motivation - Describe the motivation behind the work that the Sandbox Project represents, the problem(s) it solves and the value it adds to the open data community.

We generally have a 1-2 day turn around time to give you access to your new ODC Sandbox repository and ODC Discord channel. In some cases, a project may want to fork, copy, or retain their own Github repository. Let us know in the post if you have any of these plans and if you need some help. We are excited that you have chosen to work with the ODC and we look forward to getting to know your Sandbox Project better!

For questions, comments or concerns on any of the above, please comment below or join the ODC Discord

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EVM compatible blockchain Dapp that utilizes on-chain data to model potential price fluctuations in real-time from covalent api.

We combine a browser–based frontend that gives users the ability to determine price averages for any ERC20 like contract through the combination of a machine learning model and the covalent api.

Long Description

Our project is an EVMOS blockchain Dapp that uses on-chain data and covalent api to model real-time price fluctuations for any ERC20 token. It provides free downloadable price prediction data in both csv and image formats, and a browser-based frontend to show users the average price for any token.

The frontend of our dapp is intuitive and easy to use. It allows users to enter the address of any ERC20 token and instantly see the average price of the token over the past 24 hours. This data is generated by our machine learning model, which uses covalent api to access on-chain data and model potential price fluctuations.

Users also have the option to download price prediction data in both text based csv format and image based png and svg. This data can be used for further analysis or to track the performance of any token over time.

Our goal is to continue to refine and improve the accuracy of our price prediction model and build out additional features to make price prediction easier and more accessible to users. We also plan to explore collaborations with other data and analytics providers to extend our reach and the utility of our application.


GitHub repository

Live Demo

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Hey @pfedprog - soo good to have you here! Looks cool.

As mentioned in Discord - and thank you for saying hi there - I think this makes total sense and is a cool open source project that maybe other ODCrs would be into supporting, using, and so on.

We have very light governance and I just want to make sure folks get a chance to read the forum post and raise any questions before giving our “formal” thumbs up. I may well be missing something.