A (draft) guide for engaging with the OpenData Community

Engagement Guide for the OpenData Community


The OpenData Community (ODC) is an open-source community and DAO dedicated to protecting web3 from fraudsters and promoting the use of data science and data for good. We are committed to being inclusive and transparent in our approach, welcoming all who share our passion for open data and the potential of web3 technologies.

Whether you’re a developer, a data scientist, a potential sponsor, or someone who wants to help build our community, there’s a place for you in the ODC. Our community is driven by diverse contributions from members like you, who bring unique skills, perspectives, and ideas to the table.

By joining our Discord and sharing your interests with “@ODC Jedi”, you’ll be welcomed into our community and given the opportunity to chat about your interests and how you can get involved.

Please note that many of us fall into more than one of these personas - you might work at a potential sponsor and also you may be a data scientist, developer, or community builder. You might wear multiple Hats - and be recognized for your contributions as a Regen Ranger or ODC Jedi or Hackathon winner or in many other ways.

1. Sponsors and Partners

How to Engage

Activity Description
Designing Hackathons Help direct the focus of the OpenData Community by designing hackathons.
Ongoing Development and Data Science Efforts Participate in designing ongoing development and data science efforts between hackathons.
Judging Hackathons Assist in judging hackathons.
Sharing useful data Curate and potentially donate useful data such as lists of likely Sybils


Benefit Description
Harness the Wisdom of the Crowd By helping to design a hackathon, a sponsor can harness the wisdom of the crowd to take multiple approaches to a problem.
Familiarize Practitioners with a Problem Space Help familiarize a large number of practitioners with the problem space and potential techniques.
Protect web3 from fraud and centralization at the data layer Most importantly by supporting the ODC you are helping to protect and grow the web3 commons

2. Developers and Data Scientists

How to Engage

Activity Description
Compete in a Hackathon Join the OpenData Community Hackathon and compete against fellow developers and data scientists.
Contribute to Open Source Sandbox Projects Share your skills and knowledge by contributing to an OpenSource Sandbox project.
Collect and Publish Useful Data Sets Aid the community by collecting and publishing useful data sets.
Design and Publish Algorithms Create and share useful algorithms as Legos.
Present Your Approaches Share your approaches and methodologies with the broader community via Discord sessions and other means.


Benefit Description
Win Bounties and Form Teams Have the chance to win bounties and form teams with fellow builders.
Build Your Reputation Enhance your reputation within the Crypto Data and web3 ecosystem.
Learn Useful Technologies, Protocols, and Data Sets Gain knowledge and skills in useful technologies, protocols, and data sets.
Protect Web3 from Attacks Contribute to protecting web3 from attacks by Sybils and other attackers.
Sharpen Your Skills Sharpen your skills as a mentor and communicator.
Achieve Regen Ranger Status Achieve status as a Regen Ranger, enabling you to help to direct the ODC including reviewing open source projects and hackathon submissions.

Community Builders (ODC Jedi)


Benefit Description
Networking Connect with like-minded individuals passionate about open data and web3 technologies.
Skill Development Improve your skills in community management, public speaking, writing, and more.
Influence Influence the direction of the ODC through active participation.
Professional Development Gain experience and visibility that```markdown
can lead to career advancement opportunities.
ODC Jedi Status Achieve ODC Jedi status, enabling you to help to direct the ODC, including community growth strategies and tactics, such as outreach campaigns, branding, and governance structures.


ODC Jedi and other community members receive compensation in the form of bounties, retroactive public goods funding, and a limited amount of weekly compensation for dedicated contributors.

How to Engage

Activity Description
Join a Working Group Collaborate with community members in one of the ODC’s working groups: Publishing & Comms, Engineering & Infra, or Business Development.
Contribute to Community Resources Contribute to the ODC’s community resources such as FAQs, wikis, and repositories.
Participate in Discord Discussions Engage with the community in Discord discussions.
ODC Jedi Status Earn ODC Jedi status, enabling you to help to direct the ODC, including community growth strategies and tactics, such as outreach campaigns, branding, and governance structures.


We invite you to join our Discord and if you have a particular area you’d like to participate in, please @odcjedi. One of us will welcome you and set up a time to chat about your interests. [Insert Discord Link]


A good guide for engaging, well explained. Just two small points:

  1. on “Community Builders (ODC Jedi)” there comes first “Benefits” then “Compensation” and then “How to Engage”. May also use there the same format as the other groups, first “How to Engage” then “Benefits” and last “Compensation”?
  2. there is a small format issue in “Benefits” under “Community Builders (ODC Jedi)” in the column “Professional Development”

And may another point I was wondering, if we need somehow to include parts of how to become a Regen Ranger and an ODC Jedi?

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Hey @ben2k - great points. I’ll respin the post incorporating that feedback down below in the next day or so. I agree we should incorporate the path towards Jedi & Regen Ranger as well. I’m thinking via a URL link.